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Travel Bags

Travel bags (Luggage bags) helps us in easy transportation of carry abouts & enjoy our journey without any hassles.

Luggage bags have come long way from being heavier & bulkier trunks to slimmer, lighter & stylish bags. Today travel bags are most coveted & fashion statement. Originally bags were designed for keeping inside a larger trunk. This trunk had a large rectangular section for accommodating maximum possible travel items. But carrying them was quite a cumbersome & stressful.



With technology we see amazing transformation in travel bags as well. Today bags have wheels for smooth, pulling & rolling travel experience. The weights of bags have come down drastically. Looking into today’s habit of more frequent travelling for business & leisure purposes there is complete turn around in travel industry.

Keeping up with regulations of place & weight, travel bags have gone sleek & well designed product. Typically today bag can be comfortably carried by either holding handle or hanging on shoulders or rolled on ground with wheels on. Bags are made out of more disposable & strong materials which can be easily cleaned, washed & maintained.

Zippy Bags is leading manufacturers, suppliers & wholesale dealers of regular & customized bags in Bangalore. Team of professionals designers & craftsmen with vast experience to meet all requirements of clients. Customizing your bag experience for Company Name & Logo, design, picture & material all under one roof at Zippy Bags. Our made bags are available online and in shops & markets in major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

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