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Pouches are small size bags carrying small essential stuffs. They find popularity in day-to-day life for ease of carrying small items & using them.

They have history of usage as early as 14th century and were mostly used for carrying money. These small bags can accommodate various items like cosmetics, accessories etc. mostly pouch exterior is made of leather / any other water resistant & durable material and inside of pouch has cloth lining. these may or may not have straps depending on usage. Pouches can be made out of canvas, cotton, leather, papers etc.

Pouch bags are used by men, women & kids of all ages for daily needs as it’s easy to use,

  • Cosmetic Pouch for women for carrying basic makeup items,
  • To carry Grooming essential for men,
  • Pouches for kids to carry pencils, erasers, etc
  • Ladies carrying fewer coins & money,
  • Travel purposes to carry tooth paste, tooth brush, soaps, face-wash, etc
  • Pouches for ladies to carry small piece of jewelry.
  • Carrying Mobiles. etc


These small size bags can be carried easily & have zips for taking items out of it. These features make it a must for every ones life.

Zippy Bags is one of the leading manufacturers, dealers & suppliers of regular & customized pouches from Bangalore. We are the wholesale dealers in Bangalore having expertise & capability of manufacturing for bulk orders and supply without any hassles. Our manufactured pouches are sold in outlets, shops & markets & online in major cities of India like Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Ahmedabad, Delhi etc near me. We use best quality Fabric & top quality Zippers for smooth user experience.

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