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10 Best Brands For Sling Bags in India

Are you looking for the best sling bags in India? With so many brands offering a variety of options, it can be difficult to make the right choice. To help narrow down your selection, here are ten of the best brands for sling bags in India.

Whether it’s convenience and style, practical details or affordability you’re after – these top brands have something for everyone. Each one has been selected for its unique qualities and features, ensuring you can find the perfect bag that suits your needs and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at each one and find out why they are some of the best brands for sling bags in India.


 best brands for sling bags in India

Fasttrack is a leading apparel company based in India that offers products for men, women and students. Fasttrack is a company that knows no boundaries. They have a variety of products for men, women, and students alike but when it comes to their sling bags, their reputation really shines. Not only do these bags come in different styles and colours so there’s something for everyone, but they are also incredibly durable with excellent materials that are sure to last. What’s unique about these sling bags is the exceptional durability that allows them to stand the test of time. These stylish bags can also be purchased at an affordable price so everyone can get their hands on one. 


Puma is a household name in India, known for its amazing range of products. Recently, Puma has ventured into the world of sling bags, and they are proving to be exceptionally popular amongst men, women, and students alike. The designs are stylish yet versatile and the craftsmanship is unparalleled – many have noted that these bags withstand wear and tear through the test of time. Through clever design and high-quality materials, Puma has created an incredibly affordable range of sling bags that can suit any preference.


Wildcraft is a company known for its amazing variety of products within India, especially its sling bags. Aside from having a plethora of choices can choose from with various colours, designs, textures and sizes, the company also makes sure that durability isn’t compromised as well. With affordable prices, any man, woman or student can buy quality Wildcraft sling bags without any worries of them wearing or tearing due to extensive use.


Nike is a well-known, reputable company and their products in India provide an assortment of options to choose from. Their sling bags specifically boast variety, with stylish designs and contemporary colours perfect for anyone. Not only are they visually appealing but they also possess durability that ensures long-term use – making them highly worth the cost. Men, women, and students alike can all find something suitable for their taste in Nike’s sling bag selection. With quality assurance and affordability these bags remain popular among those looking for practicality and attractiveness.

American Tourister

Since 1933, American Tourister has been ushering travellers into a new era of discovery and exploration with their high-quality luggage. In India too, they offer a wide range of sturdy sling bags that are just perfect for women, men and students alike. The variety of these bags is truly remarkable and offers excellent value for money as they are designed to be highly durable and withstand frequent use. They come in some attractive styles too, so shoppers have plenty of sling bags to choose from. 


Samsonite is a renowned brand and over the last couple of years, they have been providing their signature products in India. Right now they are offering field-tested sling bags which come with an amazingly sharp silhouette and style that guarantee you an unmatched look. The variety of sling bags that this company produces is simply staggering, ranging from messenger bags to backpacks, fully equipped for men and women alike. Not only do these bags spell style but also ensure maximum durability for daily usage needs. Samsonite’s sling bags remain to be incredibly reasonably priced despite being acclaimed as one of the best slack alternatives for businessmen as well as everyday students.


Adidas is one of the top leading sports and fashion brands in India. They have a wide range of products available, with something to cater to everyone from kids to adults and even professional athletes. They are hugely popular for their high-quality sling bags, which boast an impressive variety of styles and colours. Not only do they look great, but the durability of the sling bags ensures that customers get the most for their money no matter how often it is used. There is something for both men and women, with prices ranging from affordable to premium which makes them perfect for anyone from students to professionals. 


Wildhorn has become a go-to destination for anyone looking for durable and stylish sling bags in India. Their products come in a wide variety of colours, designs, and sizes to suit whatever style you want. Whatever your budget is, the company has something to offer, with prices ranging from affordable to mid-range. Not only that, but they also offer gender-specific collections so both men and women can find something perfect for them. Wildhorn’s range of sling bags is especially popular amongst students because of its unbeatable combination of huge compartments, slim design, and stylish look.

F Gear

F Gear has been a leading innovator in the bag industry for many years, and its latest release of sling bags in India is no exception. With a variety of sizes and styles, F Gear has something for everyone no matter what occasion or lifestyle you have. Not only does F Gear stand by the quality and durability of its products but also offers competitive pricing so budget-minded customers can find exactly what they are looking for. Their range of stylish sling bags comes in a variety of materials and designs featuring both men’s and women’s options with students sure to love them too.


Skybags is an Indian company known for its variety of high-quality sling bags. Its products are found in many stores across India and have become a reliable option for those looking for an affordable yet durable item to take with them wherever they go. For men, women, and students alike, there is sure to be a sling bag from the Skybags company that will meet their needs. With so much variety and price points ranging from low to high, there is something for everyone. The quality of these bags also makes them a great choice as they are long-lasting and can stand up to whatever rigours you may put them through.

Final Words

In conclusion, the 10 top brands for sling bags in India offer a wide range of options for consumers looking for practical, stylish, and durable bags. From global brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas, to Indian brands like Fastrack, Wildcraft, and F Gear, there’s something for everyone. These brands offer a variety of designs, colours, and materials, ensuring that customers can find sling bag that suits their individual style and needs. Whether you’re looking for a bag for outdoor activities, travel, or everyday use, you’re sure to find a high-quality sling bag from one of these top brands.

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