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Process of manufacturing School Bags


Every school kid needs a backpack. Sure! It has to look cool. But it has to do lot more than that. Now let’s take a look and find out everything a backpack has to do and how a backpack is made.

We will start at the beginning.

The Designer: Being a designer is no easy job. He doesn’t just have to choose interesting patterns and create shapes. Instead, there are lot of practical things to think about.



Most importantly, the backpack needs to be safe, steady and comfortable. It also needs to have enough room for all those things that you need in school. A designer has a lot to think about when he is creating a backpack.

It always must sit comfortably and be adjustable, since everyone’s back is different. Some people have very straight backs, other have rounded shoulders and some have backs that curve in bottom. To make sure that backpack fits there are special cushions, some vents with little ventilations sheets for extra comfort. These sides, and inside pieces are specially designed so that contents like books, pens and paper are kept safe. The content weight has to be equally distributed to the entire bag.

School books can be heavy, that’s why it’s also important to have School backpack bags with steardy bottom. Every backpack has many different pieces and it takes many stents to put them all together.

First, the backpack is sown onto the plastic board of reels from the bottom piece of fabric. Then comes the shoulder strands, the lid and the inside compartments. The side pockets are sown to the plastic frame. They have to be big enough to hold bottle and hold the other things needed for school. The finished center section fits into the plastic frame and then everything is reveated together. Reveats are especially strong, they hold much better than glue. Then comes the latch. Best not to take any chance, everything is inspected carefully.

Now, the bags has to be tested. For example, it has to be dropped from a height of 10 meters onto one corner without getting damaged even a tiny bit. In winter, it has to survive during icy cold without the plastic getting brittle and crack. During rains, it has to keep the inside things dry. The shoulder straps have to prove that they won’t break no matter how much you jump and run. The backpack has to last all the way through primary school. Since it also matters not just have the heavy load, but how it’s packed. Every different kinds of book has separate compartments. It’s important to make sure that you always put the heavier books in a compartments closer to the back.

Here’s another tip: When you pack the bag, only bring the things that you use in school for a day. Otherwise your bag will get too heavy and that can hurt your bag. You should also wear your bag properly so that it’s not heavy

There’s one important thing that we can’t forget. Safety First! The backpack has to be designed with a high visibility red panel and they make you easy to see during the day and even in low light conditions with reflective material.

You probably wondering where from these designs, patterns and colors are coming from? Yes, that is a part of designers work and that’s how you get a backpack which is safe and stylish too.

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