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Leather Bags

Leather is one of the earliest crafts accompanied humans since the origin of species. It’s a durable & versatile material of high value accomplishing whole range of usage for men & women & never out of fashion.

We all appreciate the feel, look & smell of leather. Leathers are generally as flexible as it is strong and difficult to bend or stretch (leather & products made out of it). Due to these inherent properties leather & it’s products last a very long time. They are generally water resistant & can take normal knocks, scuffs & scrapes. Leather accessories & durable bags can be stitched handmade or processed with machine. These can also be repaired and washed very easily without any compromise on look.

Due to different animal hides and different preserving & tanning processes, there are different types of leather with different strengths. Various types of leathers generally used to make various products are,

  • Full grain leather
  • Split leather
  • Suede
  • Bonded leather
  • Coated leather
  • Faux leather.

For ex – Full grain leather is thick & very difficult to damage or tear.

How is Leather made

Key processes in making leather are,

  • The hides from the large animals & skins from small animals are collected,
  • These are soaked to prevent from bacterial action
  • Subjected to Shaking out the soak by turning into big rotating wheels
  • These processed leather is then soaked in lime to chemically dissolve hair & removes unwanted proteins. This also opens up the fiber structure resulting in swelling of leather,
  • Next they are taken into Flashing machines to cut away fleshy parts & regularize thickness. This Flashing machine has many cutting blades & revolving cylinders.
  • Then useless & unwanted materials from the edges are trimmed away to give them better shape
  • Then this thick leather is split into two layers by using splitting machines
  • Upper layer (Top Grain) & lower layer (splat) are subjected to tanning by placing into wooden rotating drum. The tanning agents in this process convert raw animal fiber into a durable product to improve preservation, abrasion resistance, heat & flex resistance. This cycle of tanning & drying is repeated few times.
  • This processed leather is rolled between two large rollers to squeeze out moisture.
  • Leather is now sorted based on grade for particular usage & made of uniform thickness by shelving method.
  • Leathers are retained & dyed to modify leather properties. The natural beauty of leather gets further enhanced by usage of wide variety of modern shades.
  • Fat inquiring grants leather permanent softness, elasticity & flexing resistance.
  • Drawing operations eliminates wrinkles & sets off any left out moisture from leather.
  • Leather drying is done by placing them on large hot flat plate & pressed under another plate to create vacuum & sucking out any water.
  • Leather is stacked to make it open & softer. It’s stretched & flexed in every direction to soften it remarkably.
  • In case of natural damage or scratch marks on processed leather, a very special flexible paste is used to fill in these gaps & give continuity of surface.
  • Buffing or sanding produces clean & smooth surface.
  • In finishing department final touch is given to enhance the natural beauty of leather by applying sprays to create unique patterns & effects.
  • An artificial grain patterns can also be created on leather by process of embossing.
  • Very precise machines are used to measure the leather variables before delivering for final usage to make durable.


Various uses

Few of whole range of usages of Leathers based on garins & quality are,

  • Bags
  • Fashionable & Trendy Footwear
  • Jackets
  • Watch belts
  • Belts
  • Wallets
  • Gloves for multiple purposes like driving etc
  • Cases
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Seat Covers
  • Sofa sets
  • Binding & finishing Books
  • Luggage
  • Sports items like balls, gloves etc


We have formidable strength in making leather bags by virtue of experts & sophisticated machines with impeccable accuracy & finish. Zippy Bags are the leading manufacturers, suppliers & wholesale dealers of all kind of regular & customized leather bags from Bangalore. Our manufactured leather bags are available in all leading shops, outlets & markets across various cities of India & Online portals. We have all the capability to execute any bulk order on time. We can customize you leather bag experience for logo, labels, Locks, Zipper type & orientation, patterns, names, Pictures, handles etc. These bags are used by working men & ladies, school & college going boys & girls near me.


Natural beauty & elegance of Leather will always hold its place among all fabrics. Due to wide spread popularity of leather bags lots of industries are into export & import & provide employment to 10000’s across globe. In India cities like kolkatta, Chennai, Coimbatore, Jaipur, bangalore, mumbai, delhi have many companies with manufacturing facilities.

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