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Grocery Bags

Grocery Bags are used for holding items bought at a store. Food friendly & daily bag for going out to pick grocery and stuffs like that.

Any typical bag has a big pouch like shape with handle at top for holding. Bags might also have shoulder straps for convenience of carrying. These were typically made out of plastic or paper but today variety of materials are used.


Various Types of Grocery bags,

Grocery bags are available in various shapes like box shaped, square container like, close-able zip bags, slider top & many more depending on type of item to be carried & amount / quantity of items to be carried. These shapes can be customized to sizes depending on usage.

    • Plastic Bags : Compact, light, wear resistant, inexpensive, fold-able etc. are few of the highlights that made them as obvious choice as bag material for years. But because of non-decomposition & hazardous effects on nature, usage of plastic as a material itself is being regretted & not advisable.


    • Cloth bags: Wash-ability, fold-ability, durability & being stronger are salient points of considering cloth as material for bags.


    • Paper Bags : These are a bit expensive as compared to plastic ones.



Materials of bags :

  • Cotton, canvas & Jute as they are easily harvested, washed & bio-degraded
  • Polyester & synthetic materials are derived from gas & oils are kind of washable but not bio degradable


Sizes :

They can be made available in all possible sizes as required for use. The fancy colors, designs & patterns adds feather to the experience of carrying bag.


Selecting Grocery bags :

Lets put together buying guide to help find bag for lifestyle and usability.

  • Switching to recyclable & reusable bags
  • Environment friendly ones,
  • Optimum size as it shouldn’t be cumbersome while carrying,
  • Insulation & Internal pockets for accommodating wallet & mobile,
  • Handle or shoulder type depending on carrying habits
  • Flat bottom as they stand up themselves, easy to pack & line in vehicle
  • Durable & made with good quality material for longer life


Recyclable material :

We all can to do our part to protect mother nature & start using re-usage bags & there is like no barrier.


We at Zippy Bags want to help you customize & select correct bag for your needs. We use best of practice for stitches & good quality material for comfort & carrying experience. We are leading customized bag manufacturers, dealers & suppliers in Bangalore.


With all the choices right bag comes with style preferences & better material.

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